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1940s California

Another year, another street painting festival. The theme this year was California in the 40s, so we went with the theme of fashion by using a cover of Vogue and … Continue reading

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Chris Wondolowski

Chris Wondolowski of the US Men’s National Team for the World Cup. I actually got to meet him today! I just happened upon the subreddit for the San Jose Earthquakes … Continue reading

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Clint Dempsey

Just a quick sketch of Clint Dempsey, captain of the USA National Soccer Team this World Cup. I’m proud of the US Men’s Soccer Team this year and they’re in … Continue reading

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World Cup 2014: Bracket

Finished the bracket poster last week. Forgot to post it. Woops. It’s meant for printing on 13″x19″, but I think it should work fine on 11″x17″, though the type might … Continue reading

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Went for a bike ride to the beach on Sunday to do a little bit of sketching. I haven’t been going outside much, due to work, personal projects, and such, … Continue reading

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World Cup 2014: Bracket Poster

So I was looking at posters for the World Cup 2014 brackets. It’d be fun to post one at the office since we’re taking bets. But I noticed 2 things: … Continue reading

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Ao no Exorcist

Well, I finally [sorta] finished it. I got really impatient and lazy towards the end. Rin, from Ao no Exorcist. Find me at Artist Alley at Fanime on Saturday and … Continue reading

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Blue Fire

Fanime is next week. I have a handful of prints in stock to sell, but I’m still nowhere near as ready as I wish I were. I’m gonna try really … Continue reading

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Aoi Hi

I got a table at Fanime this year and I don’t have much material… So now I’m working on adding more to my print repertoire. Rin from Ao no Exorcist. … Continue reading

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Sorry for being inactive. New developments in life. I got a new job, new roommate, and feeling all right. Just a quick sketch before bed. I haven’t drawn much lately … Continue reading

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