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Will You Be My Valentine?

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention that I tend to draw REALLY light in pencil. It’s a habit so that if I make a mistake, it’s not hell to erase. So, the scans don’t pick up on a lot of the details.

Music: Ryohei – Valentine

The lyrics outside of his figure is also from the song, Valentine. I used a reference of his Cavaca 2 promo picture. I wasn’t really fond of his songs until later. His voice kinda annoys me sometimes. It’s just like he’s just exhaling a lot instead of adding more emphasis in his voice.

I bought $80 worth of art supplies today since the art store was having a huge sale. But I only paid $30 cuz I used a $50 Visa rebate card from AT&T. I also bought blue lead for mechanical pencils and used it for this drawing. It’s a lot harder to erase, but you can make some cool gradations from erasing.

Expect some works in progress of real pieces cuz I bought some canvases too.

Today in art class, we were on the second day of our three day drawing of a still life of boxes and bottles. I have almost everything in the right place and the perspective is close to real. I’m starting to render and I’m really enjoying it. It’s turning out so nice, but almost too nice. Like, I need to make it less clean looking. Or something. I didn’t know I would like charcoal this much. I still would rather watercolors or ink, but I’m not hating it. Weird.


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