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Same A K I Same

Yeah, another artwork of my friend. I feel kinda weird drawing him so much, but then again, I draw some celebrities over and over again. At least this is using an original photograph. I’m glad I went with a salt effect on the umbrella. It kinda shows an illusion that rain is hitting it. I’m very happy with the shading on his pants. His jacket is kinda two-toned because the paintbrush still had a little bit of teal when I started filling it in on his right side. Oh well.

This is the painted canvas that the previous painting will be collaged onto. I still have a lot of work left to do with this canvas… Ugh, shit. I’m gonna kill myself soon. But I like it. The newspapers were originally in larger chunks and kinda faded out, but I was really dissatisfied. While walking around Target and taking incognito photos in the store, I saw this curtain fabric that inspired me to do a geometric rain effect with newspaper. Funny how inspiration works.


One comment on “Same A K I Same

  1. aComSpy
    December 31, 2014

    Woah this is cool

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