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Wow. I haven’t updated in so long. It was mostly because I actually haven’t drawn much at all since the spring semester started and my Firefox was borked so it wouldn’t remember login info and so I kinda avoided the internet altogether.

Anyway, here are some new things!

For Typography class, we had to cut and paste found text into designs with no assistance from the computer that represented repetition, transition, and opposition. This is what I did for repetition. For some reason, I really like how it turned out.

A classmate from Photo 40 last semester, Robby, is a really chill dude who does graffiti and urban street art. It’s really awesome. He was gonna be in my typography class, but he didn’t complete the pre-reqs. Anyway, he lent me this really cool sketchbook and told me to draw whatever I wanted. I drew this random colorful sketch of Pes from Rip Slyme with a completely thoughtless train of thought about Japanese hip hop.

I’ll update more often, I swear.


One comment on “JAPAN no HIP HOP

  1. Jaws
    February 24, 2009

    That typography project is really simple, but very appealing. Yes, update more!

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