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Sunset Rider

I forgot to upload my final drawing for Representational Art. I got an A on this. My teacher kept complimenting on how the zebra has such a nice ass. (Hah! Get it?) It was hilarious.

These are some sketches I made during class today. I originally designed this character named Rakuyou a couple years back, but I only made one sketch of him and then never drew him again. But lately, I’ve been observing the recent trends at school for guys and I really like the sort of simple scene, athletic, rock/hip hop kind of style. (I really have no idea how to describe it.) So I restyled Rakuyou to fit that look. I wonder why it scanned as gray cuz I drew with a blue pen…


One comment on “Sunset Rider

  1. Jaws
    February 27, 2009

    Hahaha, your teacher is punny. Pretty sweet rendering. Also I guess scanners hate blue? Considering how there’s the whole blue lead that doesn’t scan and all that.

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