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A commission for a friend. He said it was for his girlfriend and wanted an NPC cut-in for Ragnarok Online. He gave me 6 hours and after about 5, I said that I need more time and he said his girlfriend went to sleep already so I had extra time. I took a long break, worked on it again at 6AM until 9:30AM and this is the finished product. I suck at sketching on the computer. I have to sketch by hand. AND I HATE INKING DIGITALLY ALTHOUGH INKING TRADITIONALLY SUCKS TOO.

I love Black Jack. I’ve been watching the 2004 remake of the anime and it’s a lot different from the old one, but it’s still very entertaining! Black Jack is such a cool suave guy… I think I need to elongate his neck a little bit and his arms bother me…
I’m really liking Paint Tool SAI.

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This entry was posted on July 19, 2009 by in Commission, Fanart, Finished, Sketch, WIP.



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