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A Promise From Long Ago

So, my usual place for blogging about my daily life (aka, meaningless things) is down for some reason. I’m hoping it’s not permanent. But if it is, so be it.
I recently sketched out a couple pages for a doujinshi (fan comic) about Spirited Away and the above image is page 1, which you may recognize is almost a direct scene from the ending. For some reason, I really love that movie. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly why, but it might be because I love everything about it. A lot of people say it’s not Miyazaki’s best work, and I agree as well, but I personally love it like insane. The one part that bugs me is that I wonder what happens afterwards! I know it’s meant to be like that and Miyazaki leaves it for the viewer’s imagination, but I wonder what he really thinks about what happens after Spirited Away. Anyway, I’ve made a short story about what I think happens after the movie and I actually think it’s too short to be meaningful or to even give Spirited Away a slight bit of justice for its magnificence. At the moment, I’m estimating about 25 pages, but I’m going to go for… 30 or 40 pages. The ending is kinda weird and corny right now. I’m gonna try and actually do this. Since I’ve never been able to make a complete comic, I’m going to practice with a fan comic rather than an original.
I had to recently reformat my computer and frikkin Illustrator CS4 will not work due to error 147:20. I’ve tried several different ways to solve it, but I think I’ll have to find CS3 and hope it’ll work. Absolutely ANNOYING.
Yesterday at work, I met hammer throwing gold medalist in the Athens Olympics, Murofushi Koji!! It was AWESOME! He’s a really nice guy and really handsome too. I was supposed to serve him, but the manager was glued to him. Oh well. I wish I could’ve gotten a picture or an autograph. Maybe I’ll try to prepare a portrait of him, leave the original and a print at the restaurant, and ask the owner or manager to get his autograph for me.
I meet a lot of obscure celebrities.
Gonna leave to spend the weekend in LA tomorrow. We have SO much on our itinerary, it’s almost impossibly stupid. Thank God for not having to pay for room though, huzzah.
Okay, I’ve said a lot of things. This won’t happen again unless my regular blogging place really does go down…

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