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Swallow Tail 2

Man, I was planning to finish this painting by tonight, but looks like it won’t happen cuz I gotta wait for the masking fluid to dry. (That’s the yellow stuff on the left top corner of the painting.) I’m gonna add more masking fluid and then go over the background with black or very dark blue. Or another darker wash, but the paper is getting pretty warped with all the water I’m adding.

I’m sure that this painting will be a huge hit on DeviantArt since that audience loves to suck up these social trends and this is a rather “dark” image. I like painting what my cousin draws cuz most of the things I paint these days are not delicate like the old days. Maybe if this is enough of a hit, I’ll start a collaboration account on DA for myself and Mai and perhaps we can do commissions together. But this is talking way into the future.

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This entry was posted on October 12, 2009 by in Collaboration, Manga, Painting, WIP.



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