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Two original characters that I made up. The first guy, I just made him up today and he is still nameless at the moment. (Maybe Kei?) The girl’s name is either Suiren or Shunran or a new name. I haven’t decided. If you read that cheesy manga page I posted a little while back, you’ll notice that the girl’s name is Suiren. Well, I don’t really like how I designed her and her story is pretty boring, so I’m deciding to scrap it and thinking about re-using her name for the girl here. But as for a new name, maybe Hisakata, Kinpa, or Ryouya.
The story is still REALLY rough and haha, like all the other stories I’ve made, it will probably be eternally incomplete. But it’s something like she wants to make hip hop music and working hard to rise above the stereotypes and images that stick with her in the industry. The guy is her best friend and also a musician and been together through thick and thin, but their friendship is in danger due to strong emotions that neither are willing to confess/approach.
Kei is a very kind and considerate guy. He wants nothing more than to help his friend reach her dreams, but has mixed thoughts about her and his indecisiveness makes it more difficult to allow her to reach her full potential while he is around. He is a guitarist and prefers to play acoustic.
Hisakata/Kinpa/Ryouya/Suiren/Shunran is a tough and independent girl. She hates receiving help from anyone and doesn’t trust very many people. She is honest and humble and determined. However, her brash attitude towards anyone and everyone makes it hard to want to get to know her. She isn’t particularly amazing at any instrument, but she likes to play piano every once in a while.
Sounds so laaaaaaaaame.

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This entry was posted on October 22, 2009 by in Manga, Sketch, WIP.



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