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I forgot to post this DeviantArt meme. I did this a while back and it’s interesting to see how much my art has changed. I laugh at my old artworks. They are so embarrassing. It’s an interesting process and it really grows into something completely different from the start. Which I’m glad for. Other memes I’ve seen… It looks like their art/style hasn’t changed much. It’s nice to be in your comfort zone, but you never know your true potential until you dabble in everything.

The second image is one of those embarrassing old artworks. I think this was my first drawing on OpenCanvas with a tablet…? I made a really stupid story for them too. I think this was from… 2004. I always meant to finish the image, but never got around to it. Maybe I’ll redo this drawing in the future. I had this really cliche Westside Story kind of plot for them, but it was so poorly developed and not interesting. Man, what’s with me and my shoujo-esque manga stories?

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