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Lotus Phoenix, Rainbow Love, Mock Product

A tattoo design my co-worker asked me to do. She likes it, but she’s gonna keep thinking about whether she wants this design on her body forever. Haha, can’t blame her, that’s a huge decision.
A sketch I did in Art History class. My friend keeps looking back to copy my notes and/or spy on me and caught me sketching. So I drew him and added stupid captions. : D He retaliated and said my hair isn’t that nice. He is right though. OTL
A fake logo design for a fake product for my Communications speech this Thursday. Gotta market a video camera for better sales and market myself to be hired. Hopefully, they’ll appreciate the graphic design and be distracted with the images instead of listening to my crappy speech…
Media: #1: Pencil, Photoshop. #2: Ballpoint pen. #3: Illustrator.

3 comments on “Lotus Phoenix, Rainbow Love, Mock Product

  1. Bob Billy
    September 23, 2014


    Can I have your permission to to your lotus design for a pin?

    • Oolong
      September 23, 2014

      What purpose will the pin serve?

  2. Bob Billy
    September 23, 2014


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