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carpe diem 2

Well, I’ve made another WordPress, another blog, another something something. Welcome.

The previous posts are all from my old Blogspot, so the formatting looks weird. But I’m too lazy to fix them individually.

I want to use this to be more versatile. Like not just post my works, but also to discuss my thoughts and opinions on whatever relates to the Art&Design world.

But for now, here’s something I’m working on.

This is for my Typography class. The assignment is to represent my own design process in only black and white and using only type. My [sometimes] genius boyfriend gave me the idea of using punctuation to represent each stage and it was quite a brilliant idea. I like the asterisks layout. My teacher suggested using just the punctuation and no explanation or text to support it. Quite the bold statement. I think I’ll try it later on.

Media: Illustrator


2 comments on “carpe diem 2

  1. Jamie
    September 11, 2010

    Neat! 🙂 I love punctuation.

    • Oolong
      September 11, 2010

      Thanks! Punctuation marks have a lot of personality to them now that I’ve researched them.

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