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I was asked by my boss to redesign our menu since we’re adding a bunch of new items to have more variety.

The original starters menu.

The original menu is pretty bland. It’s straightforward, but the spacing is quite weird. And I’m not really fond of the typeface either.

My redesign.

I made the title of the menu similar to our logo. (I’ll probably change that red curvy line to gray to lower printing costs.) But I’m fairly happy with it. The owner likes it a lot. I think optically, looks like the margin is smaller on the right side, so I might fix it with just my eyesight rather than measuring. Probably gonna move the dessert items onto a separate menu because we often get “Can I see your dessert menu?” and we don’t have one. Plus, a lot of these are dinner appetizers and ice cream is not a dinner appetizer. I mean, if you really want it as an appetizer, sure, go ahead. But logically, it makes no sense.

I made a couple of other drafts, but they’re more aesthetic than legible, so I trashed it.

The alignments crashing into each other makes it hard to read.

Anyway, sorry I haven’t been updating much. I’ll update some other things I’ve done later on.

Media: Illustrator
Typefaces (of the redesign): Futura Condensed, Gill Sans


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This entry was posted on January 6, 2011 by in Food, Graphic Design, Job, Typography.



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