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Instruments of War

Recently turned in a group project for Exhibition Design class. It turned out really well except for a couple of things. Group work is really difficult.

Anyway, project was to design an exhibit that is 2 floors with the perimeter of our design classroom about something that made a significant change in history. My group chose weaponry. Here’s some crap description of our exhibit:

“For almost as long as humans have existed, weapons have also existed. Our development of tools has given us the abilities to forage better and then over time, the abilities to hunt. For that reason, weaponry has become a part of our human culture. Simultaneously, as humans have grown, so have weapons. It started as crude spears and arrows, but gradually, they have turned into metal swords, elaborate trebuchets, and then flintlock musket, cannons, pistols, scoped rifles, grenades, and automatic guns.”

Perhaps I’ll upload the exhibit map, but I’ll do that later. Here are photos of the model we made, 1:24 scale.

First floor Western World

First Floor Gunpowder & Western

Second floor WWI & WWII with Images and Elevator

Second Floor WWII & Modern

Second Floor Interactive Wall & Booth with Exit Stairs

It was a hell of a month.


2 comments on “Instruments of War

  1. Ju
    December 17, 2011

    This actually turn out good together !!! & u add the ceiling

    • Oolong
      February 16, 2012

      Haha, thanks Ju. We photoshopped the ceiling out for the final images, but someone else in my group did it so I don’t have the final files!

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