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Happy Wedding

My very good friend, Mr. T, is getting married! (He’s the same guy from this painting.) Since he lives in Japan, the wedding will naturally be in Japan. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend his wedding, but I am given the honor of making his wedding boards. (They’re posters displayed during the ceremony. I think this is mostly a Japanese custom for weddings.) There were some printing issues, so originally, they were designed to be A0 size, but now they’re A1.

Planned to be displayed in the entrance.

Planned to be displayed in the church.

First one is based on Beauty and the Beast. Second one is their portrait done in watercolor and their clothing made with watercolors and manipulated in Photoshop.

Definitely not my style to use so much pink. But it was a nice challenge. And I somehow miraculously did the second one while battling a ridiculous flu. (I still am.)

Anyway, 「勉さん」おめでとうございます!!

Media #1: Illustrator
Media #2: Copic Multiliners, watercolors, white gel pen, Photoshop


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