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…This is weird.

I know we all have these kinds of moments as anyone in the creative realm, but… Damn. I really sucked.

I haven’t done any serious manga style drawing in several years. And that statement just made me feel really old, but I was interested in the before & after meme. Took a rather liberal approach to it, but c’mon, I originally drew him in such a boring and static pose.

This guy is an original character of mine named Ju-Long (apparently, ju means orange and long means dragon in Chinese. Witty, I know.) Originally, I wrote him to be a Chinese dragon spirit/deity guy that manipulates fire. The overall story was for him to be one of the twelve Chinese zodiacs who has a main element and that’s as far as I got. Then I scrapped that decided to recycle him into a newer story about a Korean kid named Kyung who has a special jade stone that can change into different weapons (after mastering its spirit/fighting style) depending on the fabric being tied to it. You can look at Kyung’s sketches here.

This is really TL;DR.

But aside from all that history, please point out any flaws in the right drawing. It’d be pointless to critique the one on the left at this point. But if you have any advice for the right on anatomy and especially the pose (I seldom do action shots), I would really appreciate it. Some tips on coloring and shading would be great too.

Geez, 9 years…

Media (left): Copic Multiliners, Copic Sketch (only YR04, Y17, & B41)
Media: (right): Photoshop


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