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Waiting for the End

I used to be really obsessed with Linkin Park in middle school and high school. I would listen to them every single day back then. But after their hiatus, I stopped and never picked it back up.

Today, I felt nostalgic and wanted to listen to their new songs. And though their musical style has changed and evolved, it still does sound like Linkin Park and I still love it.

I’ve always loved Chester’s singing/screaming. So much energy and passion. I’ve yet to come across any other singer who has vocals that sends chills down my spine like his voice does.

Media: 4B Woodless Graphite
Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes


2 comments on “Waiting for the End

  1. kawashimadesigns
    November 8, 2012

    Me too! I loved linkin park, but since I had kids I need to listen to more relaxing music. Your art is Awesome.

    • Oolong
      November 8, 2012

      Ahhh, their new albums are really great. I especially recommend “Living Things.” If you have some time, check out the songs on YouTube! And thanks for the compliment. 😀

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