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My BFA Graphic Design class is getting prepared for our senior show this December. If you’re in the Bay Area or if you will be in the Bay Area during December and have any interest in design, please come. We’re very excited to present our works to the public and get our foot in the door towards a lifelong career. I’m on the web team as the primary programmer (which is stressful because I’m not really well-versed in code) and design simple things for the social media sites while I try to figure out HTML5 and Javascript.

It’s really strange to think that my undergraduate education is almost over. Like really, there’s only 2 months left. Where did all this time go?! I’ve been in college for 6 very long and stressful years and it felt like I was never going to graduate. But we’re finally there. It’s really surreal and to be honest, a bit sad. I really love my class overall, even though there’s been some rough spots. Being President of the class and the club is the highest honor I’ve ever had in my life and seeing all of our hard work paying off is indescribable. It’s coming together so smoothly and it’s amazing. We even may be featured in Content Magazine and we’ll be meeting a bunch of professionals in the field at an event in the SJ Art Museum this Thursday. Man, holy crap, it’s overwhelming. And I have to prepare a speech for our graduation ceremony!! What will I say?! I’m no good at speeches.

That’s enough rambling for now. If you have interests in graphic design, please follow my BFA Graphic Design class blog and thank you for all the support!


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