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A really experimental drawing. After drawing the line art, I wanted to see how much color can affect the mood of a piece and then… I went a bit overboard.

I kinda like how this looks. Compositionally, it’s too centered, but I enjoy the colors and the textures. This was mostly meant for anatomy practice because I’ve gotten so rusty. I still think I could do better, but I think I need to draw from an actual model to get it right. I also seldom draw couples. I don’t really have much interests in drawing lovey dovey scenes and I usually have a pretty hard time keeping the proportions and sizes of people correct in relation to another person in the drawing, but it looks like I’m improving.

I’m on a roll these days. I’m trying to draw a little each day as practice.

Media: Photoshop
Time: 1 hour
Inspiration: Ryohei’s BEST Album


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