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Unnamed Beauty

I don’t know if anyone’s ever noticed, but I don’t draw women all that often. I usually draw men. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I have an easier time drawing angled bodies rather than curves. And most anatomy tutorials are angular/androgynous and are more on the masculine side, so I never really picked up on female anatomy. When I do draw women, they tend to look the same.

So I tried practicing a sexy look. There was a dress I saw somewhere while browsing the internet and I liked the design a lot, so I wanted to draw it on her, but I lost the resources, so I’ll have to resolve that somehow.

I have no idea why she’s posing like that and I haven’t drawn her right arm yet. We’ll see where this drawing goes later on.

Media: Photoshop
Time: About 30 minutes
Music: BoA – まもりたい~white wishes


One comment on “Unnamed Beauty

  1. aComSpy
    December 31, 2014

    Woah so good.. 30 min? O_O

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