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Sorry I haven’t updated lately. Work has gotten really hectic with back-to-back projects and coming to the realization that I have a lot more free time than before brought on some sort of a social life. It’s finally slowed down though.

I’ve been going to Fanime for a couple years now since I lived in the area and I’m going this year as well. I went with a bunch of graphic design alumni friends and we discovered we all love Yakitate Japan, a comedy anime about bread. So this year, we’re doing a cosplay group with characters from the show. We have Kazuma (that’s me!), Tsukino, Ken, Suwabara, and Kanmuri. We’re trying to gather more members, specifically Kawachi and Kuroyanagi, but can’t find anyone who wants to be Kawachi and my friend who could do Kuroyanagi won’t do it unless I buy his Fanime ticket and make his costume and that’s a huge investment.

Anyway, we’ll be giving away stickers, drawn by yours truly. So if you’re going to be at Fanime and enjoy Yakitate Japan, find us! We thought about baking bread and giving them away, but due to concerns with allergies and such, we figured that it’s not such a good idea. But we’ll have bread on our stickers so that’s close enough.

Sticker #1 features one of the best parts of Yakitate Japan:


Obligatory American man, Kid.


Media: Pencil, Photoshop


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