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The Rose


An acrylic painting of Sheena Ringo, Japanese singer. Dunno what else to say about it. I needed some practice with acrylics and I hadn’t painted anything in forever. So I just found a photo in the Japanese music magazine and my roommate gave me an assignment to finish a piece of art by the time she came home.

I need better acrylics than the cheap Basics.

Media: Acrylics, mat board
Time: Roughly 3-4 hours.


5 comments on “The Rose

  1. phoenolf
    May 2, 2013

    this is most certainly, one of the most beautiful paintings I’ve seen, the biggest problem is that I can’t tell which is more beautiful, the face or the rose? O_O

    • Oolong
      May 3, 2013

      Ahh, an interesting observation. The photograph’s composition does have that kind of effect. Thanks for the compliment, by the way!

      • phoenolf
        May 3, 2013

        you are welcome -w- (how long have you been using acrylics?)

        • Oolong
          May 3, 2013

          I first started painting with acrylics maybe about 9 years ago, but I didn’t really get how to control the paint until 7 years ago and I only use it on occasion. I’ve definitely gotten rusty.

          • phoenolf
            May 3, 2013

            but the best thing about art is that its forgiving and that you can get back on your feet quickly -w- (of course maybe its another case for acrylics)

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