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The Burmese Harp



I had a dream about painting a scene from an old movie, The Burmese Harp. However, in my dream, I did it a completely different way. The ink was not cooperating like I hoped for it to and I didn’t use the best paper for it. I can’t figure out what the hell I did with my bristol board… Well, in any case, I almost gave up on this ink painting, but then I started drawing with a pen on top of the ink wash and feel a little bit better. But I’m still not quite satisfied. I’m going to need to do something else with this… Maybe add collage? Maybe use actual watercolors on top? I’m not sure.

But I feel like I need to redo this in the way I dreamed it and with the right materials.

Also, while looking for references photos, I noticed that my first drawing of The Burmese Harp was put up on a foreign film site without credit nor permission. So please, if you want to use my artwork for personal purposes like wallpaper or adding an image to your blog or something, I’ll be okay with it 90% of the time as long as you ask me first.

Media: Pelikan Deep Scarlet ink, Copic Sepia 0.3mm, graphite
Time: 2.5 hours


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