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Casual Casualties



I was going to scan this image, but I feel like I might be inclined to do more with it when it’s not 1am. (What’s happening to me, 1am is so early.)

I’m not sure where I was going with this one. I was scribbling the sketch of this on the bus, but had to stop because I’m very particular and deliberate with how I draw outlines and that’s why I usually never draw in moving vehicles. I’ve been drawing a lot of smokers this year. I don’t smoke anything at all, but I’ve always been fascinated by how the smoke looks as someone is exhaling. Like a cloud of uncertainty is leaving the human body. Which is essentially what it sorta does or what people use cigarettes for during stressful situations.

On the other hand, it’s not all too healthy for you, physically. Even though I’m used to high-stress environments, I feel like I’ve been more and more enticed to the idea of smoking a cigarette. Let’s just say I’ve been extremely frustrated and agitated as of late.

There’s a few things I’m not satisfied with in this drawing.

  • Not very good control of the clothing folds
  • Smoke needs some kind of depth
  • His pants look like it was made for a hobo
  • Lack of background

I’ll try to resolve these tomorrow.

I’m questioning whether I want to buy an Intuos or not. I’d love to get a Cintiq, but shit, I ain’t made of money. I just feel like this Graphire 3 is not doing it for me anymore.

Media: Pencil, Copic Multiliner 0.1mm, Copic Multiliner brush pen
Time: About 1-2 hours
Music inspiration: Rip Slyme Time to Go album


One comment on “Casual Casualties

  1. aComSpy
    December 31, 2014

    Such badass. Much dynamism. So motion

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