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A birthday present for a person who is dear to me. He’s developing his own video game from conceptual art to rigging. It’s incredible! I’ve only seen bits of his progress, but he’s such a talented artist and he’s kind enough to offer me creative advice and suggestions. Check out his work!

Anyway, here’s my attempt at depicting his character design and making up some landscape with a sort of fantasy look, but it’s still very based on actual landscapes. I was originally going to make this a digital painting, but my Macbook Pro’s AC adapter died during my trip in Korea, so my laptop was dead until it came in the mail. I love watercolors, but I’m not entirely happy with the coloring in this composition. I’ve definitely lost my touch in drawing subjects in an actual setting now that I mostly illustrate abstract and conceptual sceneries. But the loose watercolors gives it more of an organic feel, so I’m glad I didn’t ink this.

Considering all the elements of jetlag, lack of time, unsatisfied sketches, and not being able to remember the last time I’ve done an illustrative composition that came purely from my imagination, it turned out all right. Gotta keep practicing. I’ve definitely gotten rusty.

Media: Graphite, watercolors
Size: 14″x10.5″
Time: Roughly 10 hours
Musical Inspiration: FFX Piano Soundtrack


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