Oolong's Art & Design

Thank You and Goodbye


A personal design exercise. I’m a little bit drunk right now.

The person this is referring to will never see this. (Yes, never.) I enjoyed the time I had with you and even though I kept telling myself I was over you, I wasn’t for a very long time. And now I can say with confidence that things will never be the same way and I’ve accepted it. I’m living out my life and so are you. Seeing you the other day was really fun, but also sad because I remembered the good old days. However, now if our paths cross again, I will hope that we can pick up where we left off and stay good friends.

Media: Nikon D40 (photo taken in San Jose, CA), Photoshop
Time: 30 minutes
Music: Yuna – Live Your Life
Typefaces: Bodoni, ITC Franklin Gothic Condensed


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