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Nameless 01


Thinking about starting a series of drawings of men who fascinated me just from their looks. It could be an analysis of how shallow I am, but I’m not saying I found them attractive just by their looks, something about them, their posture, the way they present themselves somehow catches my eye. Yet I have no idea who they are nor know anything about them. I’ve run into a couple of men like this and some I still see from my daily routines. I have absolutely no desire to approach them because I’m a wimp, but they seem like interesting people to talk to.

I saw this man painting the outside walls of a gallery, across the street from my roommate’s office where I was waiting for her. He was quite lean and looked quite handsome with paint all over his clothing and hands. He lit up a cigarette and stood with such a hunched and tired posture that looked very human. But he looks like a guy who has clear interests and thoughts, but rarely presents them.

Media: Photoshop
Time: 30 minutes


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