Oolong's Art & Design

Red String of Fate


A piece based on the Asian myth of the red string of fate. (Lovers are connected with the red string of fate on their pinky.) I’ve done another drawing based on the same myth, but I’m trying needlework for this one. I don’t particularly believe in myths, but they’re interesting how they vary from cultures.

Inspired by my friend, Ju, who is a brilliant designer and artist. She had a gallery show a little while back and it was incredibly amazing to see all the details in her needlework art. I don’t have the kind of patience she has, but I’m relying on concept to make this appealing.

Anyway, it’s proving to be tedious, but I’ve forgotten how fun it is to work with an unfamiliar medium. Did a quick sketch with a pencil and then threading with red string in the shadows. There will be another hand on the other half, reaching out to grab this hand. Who knows when I’ll get this done.

Media: Red thread, white fabric, graphite
Time: 2 hours


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