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Sorry I haven’t updated anything at all lately. I’ve been sketching a bunch of web design templates lately and none of those are interesting enough to scan.

A fanart sketch of my friend’s character. I don’t think she has a name, as far as I know.

He was working on his own drawings and his sketchbook was laying around, so I took a look and thought her design was badass and wanted to do my own rendition of her. I can’t draw technical things, as you can tell. And all of his characters have cool outfits and gadgets. It’s good practice, but damnit, it’s definitely not my forte. Sigh.

I also drew a sketch of my original character, Mouko, but I drew it in his sketchbook so I don’t have it on me. I should’ve taken a picture.

Days are getting darker and colder. I just want to sit in my kotatsu (heated table) and never go anywhere. I have a feeling this will become incredibly unsuccessful. Why does it have to be Monday tomorrow?

Media: Graphite, Photoshop (for paper texture and coloration)
Music: Doll$Boxx – Monopoly


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