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A quick watercolor sketch. I restricted myself by not allowing the use of any tissues or paper towels and to just continue painting wet on wet. I like how it has this rough and blended look. I inked it lightly with a gray Copic multiliner and then painted on top. I like how the gray ink makes it look like pencil with a sharp and neat edge. I’ll add a little more tomorrow. And sorry for the crappy photos, the watercolor was still wet.

Looks like it’s the start of the rainy season. It’s ridiculously cold in my room.

Media: Graphite, Copic Multiliner Gray 0.1mm, watercolors
Music: Stereo Dive Foundation – Daisy (Kyoukai no Kanata ending theme)


One comment on “Aquamarine

  1. phoenolf
    November 22, 2013

    amazing choice of colors OwO

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