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Yuzuru Hanyu




I’ve been on an Olympics binge. I just love watching athletes pour their heart and soul into their life’s passion. I feel like I can somewhat relate on a much smaller scale with my own creativity pieces. But you know, minus the huge pressure and recognition. Huge congratulations to Yuzuru Hanyu for winning the gold medal for men’s figure skating. He is art in physical form. Incredibly talented and passionate man. I have great respect for him and his talents.

I have a ton of bookbinding materials from my college days and they’ve been collecting dust so I decided to make my own sketchbook since I’m actually running out of space on my current sketchbook. Bookbinding is incredibly easy if you’re not looking to make an absolutely perfect book. All you really need is paper, thread, matte board, PVC or Elmer’s Glue, and patience.

Media (for sketchbook): Handmade dak paper from Korea, matte board, papers in various textures and styles, craft glue, and red thread
Media (for sketch): Graphite, Copic Multiliners, assorted Copic Sketch markers, and white out pen
Size: 8.5″x5.5″
Time (for sketchbook): 3 hours
Time (for sketch): 1 hour


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