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I’ve never updated this on my phone so pardon me if the formatting sucks.

I’ve always been really interested in kendo, but I didn’t live near enough a dojo growing up and I didn’t have time in college. Which is unfortunate cuz I lived so close to the Buddhist temple where they had lessons.

So yesterday, I finally took the initiative to go to the kendo dojo in San Francisco after work. They require you to observe 2 classes prior to signing up so that you know what you’re getting into. At first, my attitude was, “Ugh, I have to sit through this for 2 hours? I have things to do.” But as I sat there silently, I realized that living in a booming area all my life, I don’t take the time to just empty my mind of all thoughts and stress.

I sketched the kendo students and teachers as they were practicing to get a sense of their movement. One of the students saw and complimented the drawing.

Come October, I will be enrolled in kendo!

Time: 15 min
Media: Ballpoint pen, blue fine point marker


2 comments on “剣道

  1. Alex Hurst
    August 12, 2014

    Sounds like you and Nicky need to become friends. ^.^ She’s working on her san-dan now.

    • Oolong
      August 12, 2014

      Oh really?? Haha, nice! If she has any tips for a newbie like me, let me know!! I’m a bit nervous, but I’m gonna do my best.

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