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I’ve really neglected this blog. Sorry. Been incredibly busy with work, kendo, and freelance projects.

arc-whiteboard-001-kaepernick arc-whiteboard-002-hunterpence

There’s a large whiteboard behind my desk at work and my coworkers have given me the challenge of doing a drawing a week. Which honestly, is not that feasible, but I really do want to do this when I possibly can.

The first one is of Colin Kaepernick from the San Francisco 49ers from September when the NFL season started. Second one is Hunter Pence from the San Francisco Giants, just done today, since they’re playing in the World Series. Now, I don’t really keep up with football anymore and I actively avoid watching baseball. But I’m a supporter of the local teams and it’s something nice for the people passing by our office to look at and strike up a conversation.

Drawing on a whiteboard is a fun challenge.

Time: About 2 hours each.
Media: Whiteboard, dry erase markers


One comment on “Arc-Whiteboard

  1. aComSpy
    December 31, 2014

    Cool! Erasing it must be painful, like sand art

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